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Everyone's rig set-up is unique. From leveling blocks to the tech gizmos and gadgets we use to keep our furry friend safe. Here's a look at our rig and the essential gear set up we take with us on the road. 

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Our Travel Trailer

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Sonic 231VRL

"The Millennium Falcon"

Named for our co-pilot "Chewy," our 27ft Sonic 231 VRL has provided a home away from home for years. It's important to us to entertain, so we loved the separated master bedroom and cozy living room set up. There is plenty of storage space, with a jiffy bed and collapsable dinette when hosting guests. 

At around 5,300 lbs dry weight, we pull the falcon with a 2018 Chevy Colorado z71. This gives us just the right mix of power and fuel economy. 

Recreation Kitchen Our Rig

Site Set Up


Gear heaven

An inside look at our gear

When you finally get to your site, having the right gear to get set up quickly and safely is essential to setting the tone for the rest of your trip.

We've tried and tested countless items and have landed on what we think are the best, most space-efficient pieces of gear we wouldn't leave home without. 

Andersen levelers

Andersen Levelers

A level trailer is a MUST when camping. Not only for your sanity, but many systems in the RV only work properly when level. With the Andersen Levelers, it's easy to just place under the tires and drive up until your trailer is level. A must have especially when setting up your site on your own. If you have a double axel, don't forget to get two!



Feeling the motion of the ocean? X-chocks are great for preventing forward/back motion by locking your wheels together. We have almost 0 sway when we are set up using these. These don't replace your standard safety chocks, so be sure to always use those in tandem with X-Chocks. Pro-tip use a power drill with a socket head to put your X-Chocks on faster than a nascar pit crew.